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Mobile Services

ASAP Live Scan Fingerprinting provides mobile service to any organization that has a group of 15 or more people requiring Live Scan.

The mobile service is priced at $25 per applicant in addition to the appropriate level of service fees. Special discount is offered for large groups.


To request this service please call us at (818) 892-6141 in order to schedule a convenient date.


Appointments can be for anytime 24 hours a day/7 days a week excluding holidays. Minimums apply for after-hour appointments.


What you should have for your mobile appointment:


1.     A location away from the public. Small office or conference room preferably.


2.     One electrical outlet with a desk or table.


3.     The REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN (BCII-8016) form completely filled out correctly (3 copies).


  • Employers/Requesting Agency forms should already be completed prior to us arriving on site. We can provide a template if requested.


  • Our fingerprinting technicians cannot complete this form for you.

4.     For Mobile Service one form of Identification is acceptable. Please refer to the What to Bring link above for the accepted type of identifications.


5.     Fee payment. Please contact us for our Mobile Service fees. These fees vary with group size and location.

Child Fingerprinting

The special child ID kid is a fast and easy way to provide parents with their child information at their fingertips.

The Child ID Package includes:

  • Child biographic information
  • Parents contact information
  • Capture of the child rolled fingerprints and one picture


Confidentiality is our priority, that is why all the information is downloaded and saved to a CD ROM disk for the parents. Our system software will discard all captured information upon closing the application, providing parents with the peace of mind in knowing that they have the ONLY COPY of their child fingerprints.


CLICK HERE to read why child fingerprinting is so important.


For your convenience, ASAP Live Scan Fingerprinting offers a photo ID package that includes:


Two wallet-size IDs, a large file-size ID and a CD that contains all of the identifying information: the child's color photo, fingerprint image and complete physical description and emergency information.
Each Child ID Kit includes the following:


One large identification sheet - This sheet contains the images of all 10 fingerprints, a large color photo, and vital personal information. This sheet should be kept in a safe and secure but accessible location and should be presented to law enforcement should your child become missing


Copies of these cards are great to give to caregivers, relatives & child care so they may have this important information on hand.  

Two (2) wallet size identification cards - each card includes a color photo, and vital personal information. These cards are intended to be carried by the parents (or guardians) and can be immediately presented to law enforcement should your child become missing or if you become incapacitated.(accident, health condition, etc.)


CD - The CD contains all of the information contained on the cards including all 10 fingerprints, color photo of your child, a text file of the information listed on the cards. The information this CD contains can be transmitted by email to Law Enforcement and should be kept in a safe place.

Notary Services

During regular business hours we have at least one Notary Public at your service. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured California Notary Public providing full notary public service assistance to residents, and businesses in all Los Angeles County and its surrounding areas.